• Seamless Bathroom Storage Organiser
  • Seamless Bathroom Storage Organiser
  • Seamless Bathroom Storage Organiser
  • Seamless Bathroom Storage Organiser
  • Seamless Bathroom Storage Organiser
  • Seamless Bathroom Storage Organiser

Seamless Bathroom Storage Organiser

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Seamless Rotating Storage Tripod

Do you have limited storage space in your bathroom or kitchen? Do you struggle with storing and organizing items in the space you have left? Are you looking for an affordable solution to store your items in one place? Look no more, we bring you our Seamless Rotating Storage Tripod!

With our Storage Tripod, you can easily and compactly store all your items in a place and make your bathroom, kitchen, or closet even look more organized and clean. It can be fixed on to any wall, and with its rotatable feature, installation becomes even easier on any kind of wall layout. You can now conveniently store up and locate items as everything will have its designated place. No worries of drilling holes or spending money on maximizing storage; buy our Storage Tripod and make smart use of your walls!

Seamless Rotating Storage Tripod


MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Our Bathroom Kitchen Storage Organiser is exceptionally versatile; it can be used in the bathroom, kitchen, or even your closet to store miscellaneous items.

LARGE CAPACITY: The Storage Tripod has quite a large capacity; it is equipped with an ergonomic design to hold up several items like shampoo, shower gel, containers, towels, etc.

Bathroom Kitchen Storage Organiser

NO INSTALLATION ANGLE LIMIT: Our Seamless Storage Tripod is intelligently built to allow rotation. There is no installation angle limit, as it rotates to up to 90° and 180° making installation along a plane and right-angle wall as well. This rotating feature makes smart use of your space layout as you can install it anywhere you want.

EASY INSTALLATION: The installation of our Bathroom Kitchen Storage Organiser is completely seamless. You can use the direct paste on to the wall to fix it, without having to drill any form of a hole and damaging or scratching your wall.

Bathroom Kitchen Storage Organiser

USER-FRIENDLY: The smart design of our Rotating Storage Tripod allows it to store and organize many items in a compact manner. All items stay within reach and are convenient to grab and use.

DRAINAGE HOLES: Our Bathroom Kitchen Storage Organiser features unique drainage holes that allow the water to be drained into the surface of the tripod to be removed immediately, preventing any form of water accumulation or deposits within the tripod itself. This makes cleaning easy and also keeps your items safe and dry.

Bathroom Kitchen Storage Organiser

HIDDEN HOOKS: The Tripod also includes hidden hooks to hang various kinds of items, for example, scrubs or towels. And when not in use, those hooks can stay hidden, making your bathroom or kitchen look organized and neat at all times.

Bathroom Kitchen Storage Organiser

HIDDEN COMPARTMENT: Our Storage Tripod also is equipped with a hidden sliding compartment within which you can store tiny items that can otherwise get misplaced. And that compartment can even be used to store your jewelry while you take a bath.

DURABLE: Our Seamless Rotating Storage Tripod is made of high quality and sturdy material so to stay stable and stout while holding all items.

Bathroom Kitchen Storage Organiser

Additional Specifications:

  • Feature: Rotatable
  • No Installation Angle Limit
  • Multi-Functional
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Size: 34 x 11 x 8 cm
  • Color: Gray, Black
  • Weight: 486g
  • Hidden Hooks
  • Sturdy Quality

Seamless Rotating Storage Tripod

Package Includes

  • 1 x Seamless Rotating Storage Tripod


  • Allow a little deviation in the actual color of the item from the color in the picture.
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